I have input the above code by copy and pasting to the Idle python console, as 
the python 2.7 command prompt is fussy about the indentation on the eleventh 
line down, if I then indent it, it replies that the indentation is unnecessary 
of unexpected, and if I don't it says an indentation is expected. 
However when I get to the next lines of code - in the Idle prompt re:

C:\Users\Intel Atom>cd "c:\Beautiful Soup"

c:\Beautiful Soup>c:\Python27\python setup.py install

Again it does not recognise 'bs4'. I think having used 'Just unzip it' instead 
of 'WinZip' may have caused this problem, in the first place ,as when I looked 
at the WinZip version at a local net café, it did have a folder hierarchy, 
however I wanted, and still want to skimp the £25 fee for WinZip, which 
nowadays you can't seem to be able to do. I never asked for the darn files to 
be zipped, so why ought I pay to have them unzipped, being my contention.

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