On 05/15/2014 07:30 AM, Simon Evans wrote:
Dear Programmers, I noticed a couple of typos in my previous message, so have 
now altered them thus :-

Dear Programmers,
As anticipated, it has not been to long before I have encountered further


Your first thread was about getting Beautiful Soup installed and working. If you can successfully import it, you're ready for a new thread, new subject line, etc.

Note the new thread's opener should be self-contained, meaning you should mention the environment (version of BS, version of Python, version of what OS), and your difficulty.

> At the top of page 16 of 'Getting Started with Beautiful Soup" it
> gives code to be input, whether to the Python or Windows command prompt I am not

My guess is that the book is now describing what goes in a program, not at the "command prompts". A program is typically written in a text file, not at the interpreter prompt, though experimentation is certainly done there.

Once you have a program in a text file (usually with the extension .py), you run it at the OS terminal prompt by typing:
     python  myprogram.py


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