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> One another trick is to drop spaces around keywords
>>>> 99999and 12345or 9999999999if 'a'in'a' else 88888888or 777777
> 12345
> and pray, the tools from those who are wasting their time in
> writing code analyzers or syntax colorizers or doc strings
> collectors or ... are finally working. Depending of the tools
> the interpretation may vary, but definitely all are producing
> erroneous results.

Yes. Another very effective way to get your code below 80 characters
is to shorten all names to a single letter. Since you don't need to
restrict yourself to monocase Roman letters (as I had to in my
earliest programming days, in BASIC), it's actually quite practical to
uniquely name everything in a single character; you could save
enormous amounts of horizontal space. Then, aggressively "import as"
to do the same with remote symbols (you might need two characters for
those), and you'll be able to write everything in just a few tight


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