On 05/16/2014 04:49 AM, Enlong Liu wrote:
Dear All,

I have a question about the integration with Python. The equation is as
and I want to get values of I with respect of V. E_F is known. But for
T(E), I don't have explicit equation, but a .dat file containing
two columns, the first is E, and the second is T(E). It is also in the
attachment for reference. So is it possible to do integration in Python?

You posted in html, and you tried to make an attachment. Either of these will stop many people from seeing what you intended them to see.

Presumably the rest of the explanation is in the source code, which you didn't include in your message. This is a text-mailing-list, and many of us cannot see attachments, and many others of us cannot see html.

Please tell your email program to use plain text, not html.

Please paste any attachments into the same text message, unless it's too big. In that case, you'd need to paste a link instead, but many people won't be able and/or willing to follow such links.


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