I am working on a hobby project - a Bookmarker 

Basically bookmarks like in webbrowser stored in a app. The twist is storage by 
categories. I have spent some time on choosing the correct tech for making this 
project but it seems it would be better to take some advice on this after I 
went through this discussion on django forums 

I want to be able to add bookmarks to the app through browser. I want a 
front-end from which I am able to browse the bookmarks. The browsing front-end 
should have a search option(search for category) for filtering the bookmarks.

As per these requirements that I have framed so far I thought that a web 
framework would be a good choice and so I chose Django. The reason being the 
capability to add bookmarks through browser can be done easily through 
JavaScript. But I hit a snag today that webbrowser's won't allow client to open 
hyperlinks with file protocol. I have both offline and online bookmarks so that 
was a problem for me.

Now I am at my experience's ends. I have spent 15-20 days' spare time trying to 
decide the technology and now this snag. Can someone advice on this? Am I using 
correct technology?

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