On 5/22/14 1:54 PM, Aseem Bansal wrote:
I am working on a hobby project - a Bookmarker{snip}

hi, no django is not really the correct tool-set. Django is for server-side content management, but who knows, you might come up with a great hack (I don't want to discourage you). But, a straight python trimmed down app would probably be better... what led you to django?

It seems from your descriptions, which don't make sense by the way, that you are attempting to create your own 'browser' within your app (web api) and you want to use a standard browser (like firefox or chrome) to 'front-end' the apps bookmarks. So, your app needs to be able to read your browser's bookmarks file.

Browsers most certainly can read http:// https:// file:// etc. (and many more). Your api may not be able to read local file:// urls, but I'm skeptical about that (most web api(s) have no trouble with file:// either).

Provide some more info, somebody will help.



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