On 5/22/14 5:54 AM, Chris Angelico wrote:
Figure some of you folks might enjoy this. Look how horrible Python
performance is!


> From TDWTF:
Most of the interesting physics analysis code here is based
on a framework using Python scripts for setup and configuration
which then calls native analysis code, that usually is implemented in C++.

This goes back to a previous discussion about about Julia (couple weeks back) and IPython. What these guys at CERN need is the dynamic duo of IPython and Julia. (its gonna be fabulous, seriously)

Or, Julia by itself. The whole point of the Julia project was to bring the whole dynamic scripting, glue, lightning fast FORTRAN or C++ specialty code, into one screaming fast package that "does it all".

Of course that's a pipe dream, but they are getting very close. And, if they pull off the IPython | Julia match-up thing, man, its going to change the way technical computation is handled for decades to come.

Back to the TDWTF post, what a hoot. Ok, you heard it there first people, Python is dead everyone learn BASH. :-p heh



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