Right now we have a fairly basic shared hosting plan via bluehost.com,
running WordPress for a club web site.  I've looked at setting up python
on this account, but the default is the version of python that comes
with the OS (CentOS 5.x currently). There are some basic instructions on upgrading that at a user level to 2.7... but nothing for python3, and most of the python posts in their user forums go unanswered. Not exactly confidence inspiring! The irony is that one of my web searches included a review of shared hosting and listed BlueHost as the number one recommendation!

So I'm left wondering if there is someplace that people here would recommend (for this kind of plan or others) where python isn't a second class citizen. Really not interested (for my current uses) in a VPS. I just want some place where it doesn't feel like python support is some sort of bone thrown out there just to say that they 'support' python.



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