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> Right now we have a fairly basic shared hosting plan via bluehost.com,
> running WordPress for a club web site.  I've looked at setting up python
> on this account, but the default is the version of python that comes
> with the OS (CentOS 5.x currently).  There are some basic instructions on
> upgrading that at a user level to 2.7... but nothing for python3, and most
> of the python posts in their user forums go unanswered.  Not exactly
> confidence inspiring!  The irony is that one of my web searches included a
> review of shared hosting and listed BlueHost as the number one
> recommendation!
> So I'm left wondering if there is someplace that people here would recommend
> (for this kind of plan or others) where python isn't a second class citizen.
> Really not interested (for my current uses) in a VPS.  I just want some
> place where it doesn't feel like python support is some sort of bone thrown
> out there just to say that they 'support' python.

Heroku, Google App Engine, or pretty much any other
Platform-as-a-Service provider.

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