On 5/25/14 7:55 PM, Deb Wyatt wrote:
I am confused about how various built-in functions are called.  Some are
called with dot notation


and some are called like 'normal'


How do you know/remember which way to call them?

Deb in WA, USA

It can be confusing. Generally, built-in functions (like sum, len, etc) are used when the operation could apply to many different types. For example, sum() can be used with any iterable that produces addable things.

Operations that are defined only for a single type (like .isalpha as a string operation) are usually defined as methods on the type.

This is not a black/white distinction, I'm sure there are interesting counter-examples. But this is the general principle.

Ned Batchelder, http://nedbatchelder.com


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