> On 5/25/14 7:55 PM, Deb Wyatt wrote:
>> I am confused about how various built-in functions are called.  Some are
>> called with dot notation
>>> How do you know/remember which way to call them?
>> TIA,
>> Deb in WA, USA
> It can be confusing.  Generally, built-in functions (like sum, len, etc)
> are used when the operation could apply to many different types.  For
> example, sum() can be used with any iterable that produces addable
> things.
> Operations that are defined only for a single type (like .isalpha as a
> string operation) are usually defined as methods on the type.
> This is not a black/white distinction, I'm sure there are interesting
> counter-examples.  But this is the general principle.
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Thank you for answering.  I meant to send this to the tutor list, but messed 
up.  So, I guess there isn't a magic answer to this one, and I'll learn as I 
learn the language.  Have a great day.

Deb in WA, USA

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