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> Hi Guys, 
> Would someone let me know how to verify JSON data in python. There are so 
> many modules available to verify XML file, however i didn't find any good 
> module to verify JSON Data. 

Python comes with a built-in json module.  Just use json.load() or 
json.loads() to parse your JSON data.  The first call reads from a 
string, the second on from a file, but in all other ways, they're 

There are a bunch of third-party modules (ujson, etc) which are faster, 
but fundamentally, they're all the same.

If I understand you correctly, you're reading a JSON document which is 
so large that if you store the converted data as a Python object, you 
run out of memory?  If that's the case, I'm not sure if there's a good 
pure Python solution.  I don't know of any json modules which parse, but 
don't store, the data.

Depending on what operating system you're on, there may be a 
command-line utility which parse JSON.  For example, on Ubuntu linux, 
there's "json_xs".  Perhaps shell out to that, use the "-t null" output 
format, redirect the output to /dev/null, and see what exit status you 

# Good JSON
$ echo '[1, 2, 3]' | json_xs -t null 2>/dev/null; echo $?

# Bad JSON
$ echo '[1; 2, 3]' | json_xs -t null 2>/dev/null; echo $?

Wrap this up in a subprocess.check_output() call, and you're done.

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