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> Would someone let me know how to verify JSON data in python.

Parse the file into a data structure with whatever parser you like,
then write a program to go thorugh the data structure and verify it.

> There are so many modules available to verify XML file, however i
> didn't find any good module to verify JSON Data.

XML has various "schema" languages which can be used to write a
definition of what is valid and what isn't valid.

There really is anything like that in widespread use for JSON.

> After searching on the internet i came across JSON module, however it
> only coverts the JSON data to python. it's good, however the problem
> comes when JSON response is very large.  

What's the problem?

> Is there any module through which i can verify JSON file like DOM or
> Object oriented way. ( i.e. data.key)

I don't know what you're asking.

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