Hello Experts,

I am trying to extract the available userspace+swap memory and then want to 
feed this value as an argument to a tool that is executed in the shell.

so, this is what I have so far:

reecalc = [s.split() for s in os.Popen("free -ht").read().splitlines()]
freecalc_total = freecalc[4]
freecalc_total = freecalc_total[3]
freecalc_total = freecalc_total.translate(None, 'M’)

Now I want to feed the value for ‘freecalc_total’ as an argument to a command 
executed by the shell.

For example:

devnull = open(os.devnull, “w”)
runCommand = subprocess.call([“stressapptest”, “<I want to pass the value of 
freecalc_total here>”, “20”],stdout=devnull,stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)

How do I go about  doing this?

Many thanks in advance


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