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> so, this is what I have so far:

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> reecalc = [s.split() for s in os.Popen("free -ht").read().splitlines()]
> freecalc_total = freecalc[4]
> freecalc_total = freecalc_total[3]
> freecalc_total = freecalc_total.translate(None, 'M’)
> Now I want to feed the value for ‘freecalc_total’ as an argument to a
> command executed by the shell.

It will need to be a text string representation of that number, since
the command line will be a sequence of text string arguments.

To create a text string representation of an integer, use
‘str(freecalc_total)’. (In Python 2, use ‘unicode(freecalc_total)’.)

If the number is not an integer, you should format it explicitly with a
format string <URL:>::

    >>> freecalc_total = 80752.16
    >>> freecalc_arg = format(freecalc_total, "14.3f")
    >>> freecalc_arg
    '     80752.160'

> For example:
> devnull = open(os.devnull, “w”)
> runCommand =[“stressapptest”, “<I want to pass the value of 
> freecalc_total here>”, “20”],stdout=devnull,stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
> devnull.close()

(You should follow PEP 8 for your Python code, which recommends against
camelCaseNames and recommends spaces after commas for readability.)

So I'd suggest::

    freecalc_total = your_computations_as_above()
    foo_arg = 20    # You don't tell us what this argument is, but it should 
have a name.
    command_args = [
            str(freecalc_total), str(foo_arg)]
    process =
            command_args, stdout=devnull, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)

> Many thanks in advance

I hope that helps.

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