PyQt5 v5.3 has been released and is available from

PyQt5 is a comprehensive set of bindings for v5 of Digia's Qt
cross-platform application framework.  It supports Python v3, v2.7 and

The highlights of this release include support for Qt v5.3 including the
new QtQuickWidgets and QtWebSockets modules.

PyQt5 supports cross-compiling to iOS and Android.

Windows installers are provided which contain everything needed for PyQt5 development (including Qt, Qt Designer, QScintilla, and MySQL, PostgreSQL,
SQLite and ODBC drivers) except Python itself.  Installers are provided
for the 32 and 64 bit versions of Python v3.4.

PyQt5 is implemented as a set of 29 extension modules including support

- non-GUI infrastructure including event loops, threads, i18n, user and
  application settings, mapped files and shared memory

- GUI infrastructure including window system integration, event handling,
  2D graphics, basic imaging, fonts, OpenGL

- a comprehensive set of desktop widgets

- WebKit

- full integration with Quick2 and QML allowing new Quick items to be
  implemented in Python and created in QML

- event driven network programming

- multimedia including cameras, audio and radios

- Bluetooth

- global positioning using satellite, Wi-Fi or text file sources

- sensors including accelerometers, altimeters, compasses, gyroscopes,
magnetometers, and light, pressure, proximity, rotation and temperature

- serial ports


- printing

- DBus

- XPath, XQuery, XSLT and XML Schema validation

- a help system for creating and viewing searchable documentation

- unit testing of GUI applications.


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