Steven Clift <> writes:

> If you are looking for an open source alternative between Google
> Groups and Mailman, I wanted to share:
> It has recent release and new design.

Thanks. For many of us, an important service is NNTP, offered by GMane
and others.

I think I'm unlikely to try GroupServer unless it also offers an NNTP
interface to forums, allowing me to integrate them into my existing
interface (intead of needing to visit yet another web site).

You can implement an NNTP interface to the GroupServer groups, by
following RFC 3977 <URL:>. The
Papercut project <URL:> produces an NNTP
server in Python, released as free software.

> Our non-profit is a big user and just released our mobile responsive
> design -  We are looking to collaborate
> with other orgs and developers. Note:

Great! Thanks for letting us know.

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