On 29/05/2014 11:57, Mark Lawrence wrote:
> On 29/05/2014 06:06, Tim Golden wrote:
>> On a more serious note, it does look interesting and it would be great
>> to have a credible alternative to promote for people who tend towards
>> GG. Needs to someone to do the setup / config / management though.
>> (Hence my frustrated comment above).
> It would certainly save me, and I'm sure others, a great deal of
> frustration.

After a quick skim of the feature list etc. it's not actually clear to
me that it can operate as a proxy for, eg, a Mailman list. As a
standalone group list manager it's clearly worth looking at. But as a
means of allowing current GG users a similary way of accessing the
existing mail.python.org lists... I'm not so clear.



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