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> Any gripes against vim with some tweaks?

None from me; Vim is a fine programming (and programmable) editor.

It is free software, like Python. This is vital for any tool in which
one expects to sink an amount of effort. It means no party has
privileged access to change it, which ensures that (unlike proprietary
software) it will never be held hostage to one party's disinterest or

It works the same way on all important operating systems today that
programmers will use to write programs. This is, of course, a result of
it being free software; anyone motivated to improve the software on a
particular platform has full freedom to do so, and return the
improvements to the community.

It is mature and highly flexible, both of which mean it can handle any
important programming task once someone puts in the effort to configure
it. And it has a thriving community, which means most of what you want
customised has already been done by others.

It supports a massive range of text editing tasks, most of which you
don't need to know but will be there when your programming tasks expand
as they inevitably do. You won't need to re-learn another tool, but only
a plug-in for your existing text editor.

All of the above are true for Vim and Emacs, which is why I strongly
recommend learning one of them well and using it for all the editing you
do while programming.



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