Chris Angelico <> wrote:

> If you absolutely can't get in touch with him, the only option is to
> go back to the original protocol and manually reimplement it,
> completely ignoring this code. It's sad but true; some code dies
> because of a trivial thing like "Oops, I forgot to actually say that
> this is MIT-licensed".
> (At least, I can't see a license anywhere on github there. If you can
> find another copy of the same code somewhere else, posted by its
> author, and including a license, then your job is easier.)

Deep in the code (pwdhash / / PKG-INFO):

  Author: Lev Shamardin
  License: BSD

Still better to get in touch with the author, but he has actually stated 
the license albeit in the most minimal way possible.

Duncan Booth

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