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> On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 2:56 AM, Wiktor <look@signature.invalid> wrote:
>>   I guess, I'll try to do what Chris proposed. Forget about this
>> implementation and write python script from the scratch looking only at the
>> original JavaScript version. :-/
> Sadly, that may be your only safe option.
> Let this be a lesson to all: If you want something to be free
> software, make it very clear, because "it looks like he meant that to
> be open source" just isn't enough :(

  Lesson taken. ;-)
  Interesting thing is, that for another 4 people, lack of license in this
script wasn't problem to publish its modified version. I've just searched
phrase "pwdhash" on GitHub, to simply check if someone else hadn't port
this script to Python3 earlier, or maybe ported it (with proper license) to
Python2 so I would have better start. And I've found practically the same
script here: https://github.com/ali01/pwdhash.py, forked then 3 times.
  Of course I'm not going to act now "Oh, they could do that without
consequences, so why should I bother?" - no, I'm going to do this right (as
a good start in OS community) - but it feels awkward now. ;-)

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