Chris <> writes:
> I'm trying to read ten 200 MB textfiles into a MySQL MyISAM database
> (Linux, ext4). The script output is suddenly stopping, while the Python
> process is still running (or should I say sleeping?). It's not in top,
> but in ps visible.
> Why is it stopping? Is there a way to make it continue, without calling
> "kill -9", deleting the processed lines and starting it again?

This is difficult to say (from the distance).

I would approach an analysis in the following way:

  *  use a Python with debug symbols (OS provided Python installations
     usually lack debugging symbols; a manually generated
     Python usually has those symbols)

  *  run your script unter "gdb" control (the C level debugger)

  *  when you see that your script starts "sleeping",
     hit "CTRL-C" in the "gdb" session

  *  use "gdb" commands - maybe combined with the special
     python commands for "gdb" to learn where the "sleeping"

     These special Python commands allow you to use
     the C level debugger "gdb" to get information about
     the Python level.


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