On 5/29/14, 7:47 PM, Chris wrote:
I'm trying to read ten 200 MB textfiles into a MySQL MyISAM database
(Linux, ext4). The script output is suddenly stopping, while the Python
process is still running (or should I say sleeping?). It's not in top,
but in ps visible.

Does it stop in the same place every time? How long are you waiting before giving up? Is it at all possible that it is the MySQL side that is blocking?

Why is it stopping? Is there a way to make it continue, without calling
"kill -9", deleting the processed lines and starting it again?

One thing to try (maybe, depending on whether it still fits into your requirements for a database transaction) is to increase the number of rows inserted before each commit.

[1] http://pastebin.com/CxHCA9eB

It won't have any bearing, but those globals aren't necessary...


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