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> You can't ignore those. You might be able to say "Well, my program
> will run slower if you throw these at it", but if you're going down
> that route, you probably want the full FSR and the advantages it
> confers on ASCII and Latin-1 strings. Binding your program to BMP-only
> is nearly as dangerous as binding it to ASCII-only; potentially worse,
> because you can run an awful lot of artificial tests without
> remembering to stick in some astral characters.

Yup.  I wrote a while(*) back about the pain I was having importing some 
data into a MySQL(**) database which (unknown to me when I started) only 
handled BMP.  It turns out in the entire dataset of 20-odd million 
records, there were exactly four that had astral characters.  All of my 
tests worked.  I didn't discover the problem until it blew up many hours 
into the "final" production import run.

(*) Two years?

(**) This was not the only pain point with MySQL.  We eventually 
switched to Postgress.

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