>I have kept the following:

>  - PyWork - (Not sure if it's mature)
>  - Django - (Looks interesting)
>  - CherryPy - (Unsure)

>I have also found a more comprehensive list here:
>But I'd like to know your opinion on what you think is best.
>I favor speed of development, intensive OO development, performance under
>heavy load, short learning curve, good documentation and community.

I settled on CherryPy:

Performance under load -- can't say one way or the other. I do know
it's lightweight -- 40kb download, I recall.

Good documentation -- yeah, if you are using the "mainstream" features.
It's pretty extensible, too, so there are some "secondary" functions
and features that are not as well documented. I know that the
documentation is a major concern of the oommunity, and that they are
pretty quick to respond when the docs are unclear.

I give CherryPy very high marks for: speed of development, intensive OO
development, short learning curve (if you already know Python), and
community. And, as I said, for extensibility.

I found I had working apps running on my machine with CherryPy in less
time than I needed to read the installation docs on some other
frameworks. It's just like writing Python, but with one extra object
(cpg (2.0) or cherrypy (2.1) and one extra setting ("exposed = True").
That's it. I'd say give it a try -- you can have it running apps and go
through the tutorials in a morning, so why not get first-hand with it?


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