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 Roy Smith <> wrote:
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>  Ned Deily <> wrote:
> > Roy is using MT-NewsWatcher as a client.
> Yes.  Except for the fact that it hasn't kept up with unicode, I find 
> the U/I pretty much perfect.  I imagine at some point I'll be force to 
> look elsewhere, but then again, netnews is pretty much dead.

I agree about the U/I, although I'm sure a lot of that has to do with 
familiarity. However, netnews isn't dead, it has just morphed a bit.  A 
newsreader, like MT-NW, is great for following mailing lists like this 
(and most other Python-related lists) via's bi-directional 
mailing list - NNTP gateways.  And for this list it's usually better to 
read the mailing list variant via NNTP than the Usenet group 
variant via a traditional USENET NNTP server because there's less spam 
with the former.
> > BTW, don't upgrade to OS X 10.9 Mavericks if you're dependent on 
> > MT-NW; it finally stops working there because what was left of Open 
> > Transport support in OS X has finally been ripped out of 10.9.
> Hmmm, good to know.  I'm still on 10.7, and don't see any reason to 
> move.  But, then again, you'd expect that from somebody who's still on 
> Python 2.x, wouldn't you?

Heh. Well, both 10.8 and 10.9 proved various improvements, both feature 
and performance, over 10.7.  Alas, Apple won't likely be supporting 10.7 
with security updates for as long as the PSF will be supporting 2.7.x.  
But, by then, you'll have had a chance to re-implement MT-NW in Python.

 Ned Deily,


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