On 06/06/2014 01:42 AM, Johannes Bauer wrote:
Ah, I didn't know rstrip() accepted parameters and since you wrote
line.rstrip() this would also cut away whitespaces (which sadly are
relevant in odd cases).

No problem. If a parameter is used in the strip() family, than _only_ those characters are stripped. Example:

>>> s = 'some text \n'
>>> print('"{}"'.format(s.rstrip()))      #  No parameter, strip all whitespace
"some text"
>>> print('"{}"'.format(s.rstrip('\n')))  #  Parameter is newline, only strip 
"some text "

     -=- Larry

BTW, the strip() parameter (which must be a string) is not limited to whitespace, it can be used with any set of characters.


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