Mark Lawrence <> writes:

> On 07/06/2014 09:20, Alain Ketterlin wrote:
>> Sturla Molden <> writes:

>>>>>> Many of these students suggest Python as the
>>>>>> development language (they learned it and liked it), and the suggestion
>>>>>> is (almost) always rejected, in favor of Java or C# or C/C++.
>>>>> And it was almost always the wrong decision...
>>>> I think they know better than you and me.
>>> Now it's my turn to say "oh, come on". Those who make these decisions have
>>> likely never written a line of code in their life.
>> This totally contradicst my experience. I've heard horror stories like
>> everybody else, but I just have been lucky enough to work with people
>> that very seriously evaluate their engineering decisions.

> Clearly manpower isn't an issue.

No. Cost is the issue (development, maintenance, operation,
liability...). Want an example? Here is one:

-- Alain.

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