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> No. Cost is the issue (development, maintenance, operation,
> liability...). Want an example? Here is one:
> http://tech.slashdot.org/story/14/06/06/1443218/gm-names-and-fires-engineers-involved-in-faulty-ignition-switch

Yeah this is totally believable. One rogue engineer who clearly did it
all by himself. He just wanted to save the company a few dollars out of
pure love for it. Clearly it's his and only his fault with no boundary
conditions that could have influenced his decision in any meaningful
ways. In fact, there's even a GM company memo that states "Hey Ray, just
do what is sensible engineering-wise and don't worry about cost. It's
kewl." But no, Ray just had to go rogue. Just had to do it his way. Man.
Typical Ray thing.


>> Wo hattest Du das Beben nochmal GENAU vorhergesagt?
> Zumindest nicht öffentlich!
Ah, der neueste und bis heute genialste Streich unsere großen
Kosmologen: Die Geheim-Vorhersage.
 - Karl Kaos über Rüdiger Thomas in dsa <hidbv3$om2$1...@speranza.aioe.org>

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