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You may want to reconsider that statement after the first fan failure
in your mini.  We've had quite a few Mac's in the tv station, as
video servers, graphics composers, etc.  The airflow for cooling in
them is controlled by baffles to get the maximum air flow past the
hot spots, but a fan failure usually cooks the whole thing.  And at
that time, Macs warranty did not cover collateral damage from a fan
failure. Cooked cpu? Too bad, so sad.
The CPU (or maybe I'm thinking of the video card?) in the Dell has some
huge heat sink, a bunch of funky ductwork, and a dedicated fan.  I
suspect if that fan were to fail, the chip it's cooling would fry
itself pretty quickly too.
Probably.  I have lost several nvidia video cards over the years from fan
failures.  My phenom in this box has a 75C shutdown that has not been
tested.  Best fan & sink assembly I could buy at the time.  And I have
gotten into the habit of replacing the 45 cent fans on the video card with
bigger, ball bearing fans at the first hint of a squall.  A lot of this
stuff has more engineering time in assuring it will die 2 weeks out of
warranty, than in giving top performance.  And that goes double for stuff
wearing an Antec label.  I'm on the 4th psu in this box, its a $12.65 in
10 packs 350 watter, Chinese of course, running 4 terrabyte drives and a
USB tree that looks like a weeping willow plus the original 2.1Mhz Phenom.
165 watts IIRC.  I run gkrellm and watch its voltages.  Now about 3 years
old, the 5 volt line is still 5.08 volts.  Whats not to like?  The 2
Antecs I was dumb enough to try, had 5 volt lines down to 4.75 volts and
doing random resets at the end of the 1 year warranty.  Thats not an
excusable failure in my book.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
Reading this reminds me the hypothetical dilemma of (...)

If one solution based in n dependencies(client apis) would need to optimize it's system(in dependencies too) to face the massive hits of search engines in the indexation of n millions of pages with tracking integrated at several levels(...) ... how would it be solved? ... It would turn at n volts(...) and it would need to decrease the voltage(...)

This is somehow integrated in what I wrote in the post with the subject 'python team(...)'

To put this working and optimized is really fascinating (...)



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