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> The fact that CPUs need anything more than a passive heat sink is 
> *exactly* the problem. A car engine has to move anything up to a tonne of 
> steel around at 100kph or more, and depending on the design, they can get 
> away with air-cooling. In comparison, a CPU just moves around a trickle 
> of electric current.

> (No currently designed car with an internal combustion engine uses air-
> cooling. The last mass market car that used it, the Citro├źn GS, ceased 
> production in 1986. The Porsche 911 ceased production in 1998, making it, 
> I think, the last air-cooled vehicle apart from custom machines. With the 
> rise of all-electric vehicles, perhaps we will see a return to air-
> cooling?)

> CPU technology is the triumph of brute force over finesse.

BTW people are going this way:

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