On Monday, June 9, 2014 5:04:05 AM UTC+5:30, Sturla Molden wrote:
> Chris Angelico wrote:

> >>> Kurdt: I wouldn't disturb the fan controller.
> >>> Kurdt: Ever seen an AMD without a fan? ;)
> >>> Leshrak: heh, yeah
> >>> Leshrak: actually.  it's not a pretty smell
> >>> Kurdt: Especially when it's overclocked. It goes FZZZZT in under two 
> >>> seconds.
> >>> I think that's about right.
> >> One would think that in 2014, a device called a "thermostat" would shut
> >> down the power before expensive equipent goes up in a ball of smoke.
> > That exchange actually happened back in 2005 (wow! ages ago now), but
> > same difference. However, I think there are very few thermostats that
> > can cut the power quickly enough for an overclocked chip that loses
> > its heat sink. MAYBE if the heat sink is still on and the fan isn't,
> > but not if the hs falls off. "Under two seconds" might become "the
> > blink of an eye".

> If the heat sinks falls off, yes, that is really bad news... But if the fan
> fails the warm up shouldn't be that rapid. I thought we were taking about
> fan failure, not detached heat sink.

Dont know about 'fall off'
However one day I tried to 'clean' my 'dirty' computer 
- which included removing the CPU fan, dusting it and fitting it back
- didnt know about thermal paste

Machine shut down in a minute (if I remember right)
with a message about overheating

When the (new!) thermal paste was applied it started again
I vaguely remember that the bios remembered the untoward event and some
resetting was required though dont remember what

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