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Hi ...

I'm finishing my messages with this ...

The first time I looked into Python was +- 10 years ago ... and in the
last 10 years I did not spent more than 30 minutes looking at ... but I
like it ... it's easy to read ... even if I'm not familiar with the
syntax of ...

When you look at the script I provided you in my first post ... if
you're capable of thinking about it ... yoy can see countless
terabytes/petabytes of information indexed .. it doesn't matter what
you're daling with ...it might be millions of databases or billions of
files ...

I spent the last two days thinking about what I want to implement(...)
... looking at your posts ... thinking in the wideness and in the
particularity of the detail ...

I really consider that Python is one good option(probably the best) ...
the programmers need less lines of code to achieve what must be achieved
... and this is one great advantage ...

If you read what I wrote in my first post ->'Python team(...)' and if
somehow you're capable of visualize that integrated with logs ,etc ...
advertisement included, manipulation of the search string in the client
apis, etc ... you're very probably very capable of ...


Best regards,
I'm sorry
What does all this relate to?

Following my post Copy/paste of python team(...) + script attachment(...)

Hi ...

Here I'm seeking for my team of developers/programmers in Python ... I'd like to ask you to provide me contacts of people interested ...

I'm sending you one script attachment(...) ...

I'll manage them naturally .... knowing that the detail is wide ... programming languages, Databases, Shell Script, Linux, etc ... and the complexity is present ... main sections, sub sections, client apis, etc ...


If this was poetry (...) Big Data, web services, cache's management with perfection and remote subtlety, Hashed Systems, Client Apis, Web Analytics, Complex Logs, Management(Manipulation) of the search string, etc ... you'd be one poet(...) "A poet's work can be literal, meaning that his work is derived from a specific event, or metaphorical, meaning that his work can take on many meanings and forms. Poets have existed since antiquity, in nearly all languages, and have produced works that vary greatly in different cultures and time periods."

*Final customer/consumer/client(...)*
Projects technically different I'd write even in the particularity but naturally similar in the concept of how the information should be organized towards the concept of client api ,etc ... identification of (including the user) in different contexts ... ecommerce ,etc ... with focus in the proximity when available ...

*Registered Clients/Bookings/Vouchers of Discount/etc (...)*
Each client api(...) has the possibility of managing the bookings/vouchers of discount I'd write ... even each registered client is allowed to use the vouchers of discount taking in consideration the limits(technical, localization/geographics,etc) or no limits of it's(voucher of discount) usage ... And here appears the concept of white-label I'd write ... and this will allow to track efficiently and towards analytical methods all the business models derived from each client api defined ... The concept is wide, the examples are countless ... even the possibilities ... but the technical complexity remains ... we'll try to make it simple ...

*Segmented Replication Networks -> SRN (...)*
The SRN(Segmented Replication Network) ... basically are trustable machines that are placed in the client(cloud environment,etc) ... that will allow to update the masters networks(...) ... and to trigger the execution(exponentially) of processes (through the SRN) of all the necessary updates of the particularity of management of the circumstances ... This might look complicated or somehow difficult to understand, etc ... well ... it's my summarized explanation ...

*Management(manipulation) of the search string(...)*
Basically it's the solution that provides the best answer taking in consideration what people/enterprises are seeking (...) ... integrated in the concept of client api(...) ... with one scope/range of multi-device ... etc ... Assuming that each client api has the possibility to choose what fits better in it's business(...) and the final costumer/consumer has always the final decision taking in consideration the available possibilities ...
Trying to summarize(...)

*Setting the focus(...)*
We'll set our focus in the 'Personalized Location with(/)in Mobility' ... integration in all the maps worldwide ... and the problematic/management of 'circumstances' with perfection(...) ... etc ... example: someone driving by car,etc looking for one restaurant with one specific meal (filters) ...chooses the destination ... arrives and the restaurant is closed, from this pont users should not be sent until the restaurant is open ... 'circumstances' ... and the circumstances for us are wide, integrated in the concept of client api,etc ... and this technically is not easy I'd write ... My english is not perfect (...) ... but I guess that you've capabilities to understand(...)

*I'm finishing with(...)*
We start one process of analyze over Big Data ,etc to conclude about something, I'm seeking the conclusion, not the the predictable ... it's like knowing the number of bookings with vouchers of discount(per period(s)) and seek the conclusion with filters to decide after about how to expand it better, priorities of, optimize it ... business analytics,model of decision, etc and we achieve it or not and it's not easy and sometimes depends of technical linkage, analyze of information(individual,group), etc.
Looking at social like we will(...) our universe of social is wide and it's definition particular and from this way/interpretation we'll develop the technical component that will allow this approach -> the word 'wide' represents all the social networks that exist and 'it's definition particular' means the user defined in one social network, etc <- ... Ecommerce are all the ecommerce websites and the user defined in one website of ecommerce with one voucher of discount for example ...

*I finished(...)*
I did not mention:
-> Membership (let's say that the complexity of is what makes it interesting) -> Crossed accounts of registered users(it's one technical requirement in the majority of the cases and we'll find one solid technical solution)
-> etc ... and I consider these issues present ...
I had here one basic example of what is Big Data ... and I'm gonna write it again .. Big Data can be as simple as determine what people bought(with filters, daily routine,holidays,etc) and with that information process what's more suitable to sell them ... the focus in n millions of people to determine the particularity of each person/group of people/enterprise(s)/etc ... and this can lead to solutions of advertisement(...) the SA of consulting will work in this issue too ... and I see advertisement as another SA ... and we'll develop our solution of advertisement somehow integrated/shared,etc(...) ... it was not what I had written but was +- this ... beyond of what people are seeking ...
Best regards,

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