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Following my post Copy/paste of python team(...) + script
I find those screeds very difficult to read. One significant
improvement would be to write sentences *as* sentences, without
trailing them away with an ellipsis.

Then it would be clearer what your individual thoughts are, instead of
the undifferentiated mush that it currently seems to be from your
messages so far.

Hi ...

English is not my maternal language ... I wrote what I consider the most
appropriated taking in consideration that the summary of the description
might be enough to help people think about it ...
If those were the main issues of the project(s) ... we would talk about
that naturally ...

Not understanding that(that way) to think about it naturally ... it
won't be easy ...

I don't pretend to disturb you/people ...


Do you understand portuguese, french or spanish beyong the english you
don'y understand?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1EwYpfUFQU (...)

Best regards,
The English I can work with
there is just no context for me to know what you are actually asking

Hi ...

Context ... try to consider all the social networds, ecommerce websites,etc ... and each defined client api ... using vouchers, solutions of advertisement, etc ...


Best regards,

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