On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 1:40 PM, Vincent Vande Vyvre
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> Le 12/06/2014 05:12, hito koto a écrit :
>> Hello,all
>> I'm first time,
>> I want to make a while statement which can function the same x.pop () and
>> without the use of pop、how can i to do?
>> i want to change this is code:
>> def foo(x):
>>      y = []
>>      while x !=[]:
>>          y.append(x.pop())
>>      return y
> Something like that :
> def foo(x):
>     return reversed(x)

That doesn't do the same thing, though. Given a list x, the original
function will empty that list and return a new list in reverse order,
but yours will return a reversed iterator over the original list
without changing it. This is more accurate, but still not identical,
and probably not what the OP's teacher is looking for:

def foo(x):
    y = x[::-1]
    x[:] = []
    return y

If the mutation of x is unimportant, it can simply be:

def foo(x):
    return x[::-1]


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