On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 12:27 -0600, Steven Bethard wrote:
> Hayri ERDENER wrote:
> > what is the equivalent of C languages' goto  statement in python?
> Download the goto module:
>      http://www.entrian.com/goto/
> And you can use goto to your heart's content. And to the horror of all 
> your friends/coworkers. ;)
> STeVe

Shouldn't that be "to the horror of all your goto-snob friends."

IMO, most of the people who deride goto do so because they heard or read
where someone else did. 

Many of the world's most profitable software companies (MS for example)
have thousands of goto statements in their code... oh the horror of it
all. Why aren't these enlightened-by-the-gods know-it-alls as profitable
as these obviously ignorant companies?


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