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I am not sure I am at right place here. Now I've started working with comtypes 
1.1.0 package within python I have ActiveX COM object I want access 
and work with it.

I do following
from comtypes.client import CreateObject
fm = CreateObject("MCB.PCM")
dwt = fm.ReadVariable("dwt")
print dwt
(<comtypes.automation.LP_tagVARIANT object at 0x05A8E1C0>, 
<comtypes.automation.LP_tagVARIANT object at 0x05A8E210>, 
<comtypes.automation.LP_tagVARIANT object at 0x05A8E260>, True)

by using print gives me return values. I want to access return data (array)and  
variable. How can I correctly handle it?

dwt apparently is an array containing pointers to VARIANTs.  In
comtypes (or ctypes) you dereference pointer by indexing them with zero.
So something like this could work:

for item in dwt:
    print item[0]


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