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> (Trying again, simpler and cleaner post)
> Can I use Nuitka to transform a wxPython 
> GUI application in Python that uses several
> 3rd party modules into a small and faster
> compiled-to-C executable?

Yes, you can. So, please try that, and report how that went. We're
eager to know how that would go very much. But unlike you, we don't
have need to transform wxPython GUI application in Python into
an executable. So, you are in the best position to answer your question.

And surprisingly, both Nuitka and PyPy are free, so you won't need to
shell out few $Ks to try it, or wear your suit, hop on the plane, and
go to another side of the country (or world) and spend many hours in
negotiations to get an evaluation license. Just download and try.
Unbelievable, how world has changed in some 30-40 years!

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