On 06/27/2014 09:44 PM, CM wrote:
>> Additionally, in most GUI apps (although not all), 
>> the main bottleneck is usually not the programming 
>> language but the user. GUI apps tend to spend 
>> 95% of their time idling, waiting for the user. Its 
>> been a *long* time since the GUI framework itself 
>> has lagged behind the user's input, except 
> Although that is true, I have found that I have
> managed to get wxPython apps to feel laggy in certain
> parts, particularly on not-very-fast computers. I
> can see this in starting up the program and some
> other areas such as repainting damaged windows
> rapidly. It's not a huge effect, but it does 
> influence the "look and feel" and I care about it.

I highly doubt this lagginess has anything to do with Python, honestly.
 If you're seeing slowdowns in the areas you state, you'll probably
experience the same issues in the equivalent C++ version.  All drawing
is done by the underlying binary library.

I've made GUIs in GTK and Qt with Python and never had any that was
appreciably slower than C or C++ apps.


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