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Terry Reedy <tjre...@udel.edu> wrote:

It does not work on Windows. As I reported on
http://bugs.python.org/issue8631, msg222053,
subprocess.check_output("pyflakes -h")
works in the interpreter and Idle shell, while
s.check_output("pyflakes c:\programs\python34\lib\turtle.py")
gives bizarre output in the interpreter and hangs in the idle shell, as
does the code above.

Right.  What do you think \t is in a string?  (Hint: it's only one byte.)

Yes, how could I forget that. But my use of a string literal here does not explain the problems when used string variables, as generated by os. I should try printing out the list of args passed to subprocess.

While remembering what \t is explains the command interpreter output (recursing through /lib), it does not explain the difference when invoked from Idle. There seems to be some bad interaction when calling subprocesses in the user subprocess.

You need to use
     s.check_output("pyflakes c:\\programs\\python34\\lib\\turtle.py")
     s.check_output(r"pyflakes c:\programs\python34\lib\turtle.py")

Now I get "Command 'pyflakes c:\programs\python34\lib\turtle.py' returns non-zero exit status 1" on both. On Idle, as least, a command-prompt window is flashed/displayed. It makes no sense to me that in the command interpreter,
'pyflakes c:\\programs\\python34\\lib' works and
'pyflakes c:\\programs\\python34\\lib\\turtle.py' returns status 1.
whereas both (with quotes elided and undoubled \) work at the command prompt.

Terry Jan Reedy


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