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Yes, but what puzzled me is that running
subprocess.check_output(r'pyflakes c:\programs\python34\lib')
in the regular interpreter *does* produce output instead of the error
message. My guess is that it fills up the pipe, so that check_output
starts reading the pipe long before pyflakes exits with status 1.

Hmm. I tried it again, and I see some but not all of the output I got at
the command line *and* I see the exit status message. So the subprocess
must get some of the output but then stop when it sees the exit status.

For a partial explanation try this:

from the command line (again my path is slightly different):

pyflakes C:\Python34\lib > stdout.txt

this will still give you a few lines of output and these should be the same ones you're seeing from the python interpreter when you're doing:

subprocess.check_output(r'pyflakes C:\Python34\lib')

==> pyflakes sends these lines to stderr instead of stdout !!


subprocess.check_output(r'pyflakes C:\Python34\lib', stderr=subprocess.PIPE)

and the output is gone.

So the remaining questions are:
- why on earth is pyflakes sending these lines (and only these) to stderr ?

- what is happening to the stderr output when run in IDLE ? I guess it is caught and suppressed somewhere, but to add to your observations the check_output call doesn't hang on IDLE, but finishes eventually with no output other than the traceback.

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