On 2014-07-03 19:02, Grant Edwards wrote:
> > That may be true, but that same person is going to have a
> > difficult time editing the code.  
> That's true with Notepad, but with dozens of other programming
> editors, code indented with spaces will read and edit prefectly.
> Not so for tab-indented code.

A broken editor isn't the world's best argument.  If I used an editor
that changed my line-endings, randomly altered arbitrary characters,
or tried to compress multiple spaces into one, I'd complain that the
editor was broken.  If a file has tab characters and my editor
doesn't let me properly deal with <tab> characters, then THE EDITOR IS

That said, even though I'm "-0" on "use 4 spaces rather than tabs", I
conform to the standard to reduce interop headache even if I'd rather
use tabs.



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