On 07/03/2014 12:40 PM, Tim Chase wrote:
On 2014-07-03 19:02, Grant Edwards wrote:
That may be true, but that same person is going to have a
difficult time editing the code.

That's true with Notepad, but with dozens of other programming
editors, code indented with spaces will read and edit prefectly.
Not so for tab-indented code.

A broken editor isn't the world's best argument.  If I used an editor
that changed my line-endings, randomly altered arbitrary characters,
or tried to compress multiple spaces into one, I'd complain that the
editor was broken.  If a file has tab characters and my editor
doesn't let me properly deal with <tab> characters, then THE EDITOR IS

That said, even though I'm "-0" on "use 4 spaces rather than tabs", I
conform to the standard to reduce interop headache even if I'd rather
use tabs.


I think your suggestion of having GIT handle the transformations
is the way we'll go.  nothing to quibble or worry about.  Well put
spaces in the repository since it still seems to be the community's
preference and I'll convert to tabs with GIT on the fly.  Problem




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