Den 2016-09-17 skrev Marko Rauhamaa <>:
> Martin Schöön <>:
>> Related anecdote from Phoenix AZ. By now you have noticed my family
>> name: Schöön. On airline tickets and boarding passes in the U.S. it
>> gets spelled Schoeoen.
> Do Swedes do that German thing, too? If you have to write Finnish
> without ä and ö, you simply leave out the dots. (On the other hand, if
> you need š or ž and don't have them, you replace them with sh and zh.)
> Marko

This is a problem of the past I think. When the problem arises -- well
I am of aware of standard Swedish way.

American typographer Robert Bringhurst is not happy with the computer
guys who thought half as many glyphs as Gutemberg worked with was
enough back in the days when 7-bit ascii was conceived. See "The
Elements of Typographic Style".


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