On 09/18/2016 04:03 AM, Lawrence D’Oliveiro wrote:
> Like I said, trying to automate a GUI is a waste of time. GUIs are
> designed for humans, not computers, to use.

Well then we have a huge problem.  Especially for users who are
visually-impaired. Fortunately almost all GUIs (Windows, Linux, and Mac)
are automate-able these days and can be interfaced with with screen
readers and scriptable event generators.  This is very very common, even
though you seem to think it's not.

One of the most mature tools for driving GUIs (which we used all the
time when doing scripted installs of Windows) was AutoIt.  Works pretty
well actually.

> That’s why we have command lines and scripting (which are all just
> programming at different layers, of course). That’s how you automate
> things, building higher-level abstract machines on top of lower-level
> ones. GUIs are the end of the abstraction chain: you cannot build
> anything more on top of them.

What a nice simplistic view of the world you have.


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