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Am 18.09.16 um 12:26 schrieb Lawrence D’Oliveiro:

Considering the power available in Free Software toolkits like
ImageMagick, G’MIC and so on, not to mention libraries accessible
from Python itself, let me suggest that such proprietary software
simply isn’t worth bothering with any more.

I was expecting that argument. Free software gives you a lot in this
area, but there are commercial signal processing programs with unmatched
quality. Examples:
  or for audio

If these tools are so wonderful,

They are.

why don’t they offer command-line versions?

I’ll tell you why: because it would likely mean they would sell fewer copies.

I agree with you.

A CLI gives the user power over the computer. While a GUI is a great
way to give the computer, and proprietary software companies, power
over the user.

I mostly agree with you. Doesn't change the fact, that IF you are in the situation that you have a program without a reasonable command line interfacem and IF you need to process some data in an automated fashion which can't be done from the GUI, then there is room for a "GUI automation" tool or whatever you call it.

Don't get it wrong, we all like free software and sane APIs and a Python binding to the mowing robot. Still, sometimes you just need to get the job done and it doesn't matter how.


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