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> On 9/20/2016 11:41 AM, Tim Johnson wrote:
> > Not to confuse idiomatic code validation with pep8 validation
> Strictly speaking, there cannot be a mechanical PEP 8 validator, as any
> mechanical checker violates the admonitions of the beginning sections
> 'Introductions' and 'A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little
> Minds'.  For this reason, the core developers request the author of the
> checker formerly known as 'pep8' to change its name, which he did.
  elpy uses flake8

> > Is there such a thing as a validator for _idiomatic_ code?
> What would such a thing do?  Flag supposedly non-idiomatic code?  Or mark
> code recognized as 'idiomatic', with no implication either way about other
> code?
  Why not? 

> > I have Knupp's "Writing Idiomatic Python" and have bookmarked some
> > advisory websites that illustrate idiomatic style.
> Do they all agree on 'idiomatic'?    
  Not likely, I would not expect them to.

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