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> On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 01:41 am, Tim Johnson wrote:
> > Not to confuse idiomatic code validation with pep8 validation (I use
> > elpy on emacs)
> > 
> > Is there such a thing as a validator for _idiomatic_ code?
> Yes, it is called a linter. There are various linters available:
> pylint, pychecker, jedi, flake
> there may be others. Depending on how good the linter is, they will do
> things like flag unused arguments, dead code, use of deprecated features,
> and so forth. Some of them may be very opinionated, e.g. flag uses of map()
> as unidiomatic and recommend a list comprehension instead. Whether you
> agree with that opinion or not is up to you.
  Sorry. Should have added this: It might be useful for me to use a more
  "opinionated" linter outside of my "IDE".
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  :) Again. Sorry!
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