Den 2016-09-19 skrev Christian Gollwitzer <>:
> Am 19.09.16 um 22:21 schrieb Martin Schöön:
>> I am studying some of these tutorials:
>> I am recreating the code and I use my native Swedish for comments,
>> labels and titles. Until now I have been doing so using Geany
>> and executing using F5. This works fine.
>> But -- now I tested using emacs instead using C-c C-c to execute.
>> Noting happens so I try to run the program from command line and
>> find that now Python can't stand my å, ä and ö.
>> I am puzzled: With Geany there is no problem but outside Geany
>> I am punished by Python for using Swedish.
> you are not "punished for Swedish", you need to tell Python the encoding 
> of the file it runs. See here:
> Assuming that you use UTF-8 (you should check with an emacs expert, I am 
> not an emacs user), try putting the header
> #!/usr/bin/python
> # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
> on top of your files.
I already have this and since it doesn't work from command line
either it can't be an emacs unique problem.

Still confused...

Too late to find a emacs forum tonight.


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