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> can it contorl Maplesoft's maple which is a java executable file?

I don't know maple so I can't answer that.

Which programming language an application is written in isn't really
relevant for pywinauto, it's the graphical toolkit in use which will make a
>From the one screenshot I found during a quick look at the Maplesoft site,
it looks like maple is using a toolkit which presents native Win32 GUI API
controls, so my *guess* is that it will work, but you'll have to try it to
find out.

I would suggest installing pywinauto and importing it in an interactive
python shell...

>>> import pywinauto
>>> maple = pywinauto.application.Application().start('maple')
>>> maple.Maple.PrintControlIdentifiers()

This will output every control on the window named "Maple" which belongs to
the 'maple' executable which was launched in the step before.
If it outputs lots of stuff you're in luck, you now get to dig through that
output to find the controls you're interested in :)


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